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Simplify your asset management with an all-in-one real estate platform designed for teams to make quick decisions with confidence from anywhere.

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RealDash streamlines decision making for commercial real estate professionals with an all-in-one software platform that goes beyond asset management. Our easy-to-use platform increases productivity for individuals and teams by combining powerful features all in one place. Our platform, developed by both technology and real estate experts, is fully customizable on your desktop or mobile device and connects your team to with a growing verified network of over 50,000 active owners, buyers, tenants and lenders. This cutting-edge, cloud-based solution integrates beyond asset management with leasing, sales and financing to maximize productivity for your team.

Market, manage and grow with RealDash


With RealDash, you’ll be able to access your properties from anywhere. Manage rent rolls, view lease abstracts, access documents, connect stakeholders, review loan abstracts and more in an intuitive dashboard quickly on your desktop and mobile device. With our customized tools, you can make decisions instantly from anywhere.


Our proprietary RealDash Builder gives you the power to connect your assets to markets; create your website, brochures, send email campaigns and connect your team with the fully customized data and features you need. Create targeted Leasing, Financing and Sales campaigns to reach targeted markets and integrate with your property professionals all in one place. RealDash’s real-time live feed with detailed analytics gives you actionable intelligence to power your team.


RealDash tools allows your team to access in-depth data and analytics with customized internal and external data which allows your team to grow organized and efficient. Just enter an address and RealDash automatically creates deal portals, reports, templates and information for your team to thrive.


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