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RealDash provides an all-in-one software platform to prepare, launch, market, and close your deals.

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Eliminate the need to work with multiple programs simultaneously. With RealDash, you have all the necessary components built in. No one solution comes with this many features ready to go right out of the box.

By combining a wide range of capabilities, RealDash will save you time by automating processes and maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing.

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Start with an address and RealDash will automatically create all the marketing materials you’ll need for the deal. Our intuitive editor gives you the power to easily create your website, brochures, and email campaigns, fully customized with the data and features you want.


Send email campaigns to targeted lists beyond your own contacts and reach thousands of targeted buyers, tenants, lenders, owners and more through RealDash.  We measure all the activity around contacts and deals to provide you actionable intelligence.


With RealDash, you’ll be able to see all your deals and team activity in an intuitive dashboard.  With our tools, you can automate tasks for your team and create customized reports that provide real-time updates to your team and clients throughout the deal process.

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